ОГЭ: словообразование

Noun Verb Adjective Adverb
ABSOLUTE absolutely
ACTUAL actually
ADVERTISE advertisement
AGREE agreement disagree
AGREEMENT disagreement
AMAZE amazing
APPEAR appearance disappear
APPROVE disapprove
ART artist artistic
ATTRACT attraction attractive
ATTRACTIVE unattracive
BANK banker
BASE basic
BEAUTY beautiful
BEGIN beginning
BUILD builder, building
CARE careful, careless
CELEBRATE celebrity, celebration
CHAMPION championship
CHANGE changeable
CHARM charming
CHEER cheerful, cheerless
COLOUR colourful, colorless
COMBINE combination
COMFORT discomfort comfortable
COMFORTABLE uncomfortable
COMMUNICATE communication communicative
COMPETE competition
COMPLETE completely
CONNECT connection
CREATE creature, creativity creative
CROWD crowded
CULTURE cultural
DANCE dancer
DANGER dangerous
DANGEROUS dangerously
DAY daily
DECIDE decision
DEFINITE definitely
DESIGN designer
DIFFER difference different
DIRECT direction
DISCUSS discussion
DRIVE driver
EASY easily
ECOLOGY ecological
EDUCATE education educational
EFFECT effective
EFFECTIVE ineffective
END endless
ENERGY energetic
ENJOY enjoyable
ENTERTAIN entertainment
EQUIP equipment
ESPECIAL especially
EXACT exactly
EXCITE excitement exciting
EXPECTED unexpected
EXPENSE expensive
EXPENSIVE inexpensive
EXPLAIN explanation
EXPLORE explorer
FAIR unfair
FAME famous
FANTASY fantastic
FASHION fashionable
FINAL finally
FIT fitness
FLUENT fluently
FORGETTABLE unforgettable
FORTUNATE fortunately
FORTUNATELY unfortunately
FRIEND friendship friendly
FRIENDLY unfriendly
FUN funny
GARDEN gardener
GEOGRAPHY geographical
GOVERN government
HAPPY unhappy happily
HARM harmful, harmless
HEALTH healthy, unhealthy
HELP helpful, helpless
HOME homeless
HUNT hunter
ILL illness
IMAGINE imagination
IMPRESS impressive
INFORM information
INTEREST interesting
INVENT inventor
KIND kindness
LEAD leader
LEARN learner
LIKE dislike
LOCATE location
LOUD loudly
LOVE lovely
LUCK lucky
LUCKY unlucky
MAIN mainly
MANAGE manager
MEAN meaning
MUSIC musician
NATION national
NATIONAL international internationally
NATURAL unnatural naturally
NATURE natural
NERVE nervous
NOISE noisy
ORGANIZE organization
ORIGIN original
OWN owner
PAINT painter, painting
PEACE peaceful
PERFORM performance
PERSON personal
PLAY player
PLEASANT unpleasant
POPULAR popularity
POPULATE population
POSSIBLE impossible
POWER powerful
PRACTICE practical
PROBABLE probably
PROFESSION professional
PROTECT protection
PUNISH punishment
QUICK quickly
RAIN rainy
RARE rarely
REAL really
RECENT recently
REGULAR regularly
REPORT reporter
RESPONSIBLE responsibility
RIDE rider
RISK risky
RUSSIA Russian
SCIENCE scientist scientific
SERIOUS seriously
SING singer
SITUATE situation
SLEEP sleeper sleepy
SPEAK speaker
SPICE spicy
STRESS stressful
SUCCESS successful
SUCCESSFUL unsuccessful
SUGGEST suggestion
suggestion sunny
SUPPORT supporter
SURPRISE surprising
SWIM swimming
SYMBOL symbolise
TASTE tasty
TEACH teacher
TRADITION traditional
TRADITIONAL traditionally
TRAIN trainer
TRANSLATE translation
TRAVEL traveller
UNFORTUNATE unfortunately
USE useful, useless
USUAL unusual usually
VARY variety various
VISIT visitor
WAIT waiter
WEALTH wealthy
WIN winner
WONDER wonderful
WONDERFUL wonderfully
WRITE writer

Calendar 2019

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From St.Petersburg with love

If Kazan is considered to be the 3rd capital of Russia,so what about St.Petersburg? Right! It is our second capital. I fell in love with this amazing city when I was a little girl. A lot of years passed. My love is still growing… Though I have been to Russian Venece so many times (that I even can’t count) this October Lessontime decided to visit and enjoy it once more. Well,this is how we spent time there.

Day 1. (Sunday)

Today our trip starts. We usually travelled to this city by train or bus, this time we decided to try a plane. Let’s go! We took the morning flight so we could come early and start our walk. Our flight was on time and even 15 min earlier so it made us happy. We didn’t take a taxi,we took a bus as it’s cheap-only 40 roubles to get to the metro station. Then we went by metro to one local market of old things in Udelnaya station where we enjoyed a lot of retro objects and bought some badges and a pin as presents. After it Lessontime had some lunch and went to our apart-hotel. You know,we liked it-it’s modern and cool😁 In the afternoon we went to Kuntskamera where we saw a great number of historical objects and Peter’s collection. In the evening after dinner we had a wonderful walk along Nevskiy Prospect and enjoyed the evening city. We even had a chance to listen to some street concerts as there were no tickets to Serebro. That was the end of our first day. Looking forward to the next one!

Petropavlovskaya fortress
Ethnographic Museum

Day 2. (Monday)

After a good breakfast we went to one Art shop to buy some paints and other things for painting. Today the weather was not so good,it was rainy and windy,but we didn’t mind it. In the afternoon we tried to find Lennon Street (Pushkinskaya,10),it took us a lot of time but in the end we succeeded. We could see the picture of Yellow Submarine and the Beatles wall where people come and remember their songs. There we found bookcrossing point and chose a book to read. After bathing in the rain and getting wet we reached the central book shop in Nevskiy Prospect to buy different souvenirs such as calendars, magnets and what not. We also desired to find red phone booth like in London but after an hour of attempts we gave up and started to look for a metro station. In the evening we watched the funniest comedy we’ve ever seen in the Theatre of Comedy. So we laughed to tears and had a good time. That’s how we finished the second day of our stay in this amazing city.

Theatre of Comedy
Lennon Street

Day 3. (Tuesday)

Today the weather was so nice and sunny that we started our day with walk about the city. We met sparrows bathing in the paddle in one park. This day we decided to go to the Hermitage,so we bought our tickets beforehand on the site not to stand in a long queue. It was not easy to study Art as our legs ached after several days. Though we managed to see the best pictures and objects of Art. After 2 hours we gave up and left it. After having our lunch we went to the book shop and chose 2 books on phsycology-one is by Labkovskiy-I remember it well as I wished to read it for a long time. We even had time to get into Kazan Cathedral and enjoyed its beauty inside. How to get warm? Of course, tea and tasty buns and cakes in Bulochnay number 60,it was unforgettable☺ In the evening we had a performance “Edip in the Column” at Bolshoy Drama Theatre by Andrew Konchalovskiy with Julia Vysotskaya and Nickolay Nosov in main parts. So believe it or not-we had a nice time! Good night,St.Petersburg! Sleep well!

Kazan cathedral

Day 4. (Wednesday)

Today early in the morning at 6 a.m. we got up to have one-day bus excursion to Karelia. It was difficult to get to the point as the road was curling and we felt not so good. On our way first we stopped in Priozersk to study an old fortress Korela. After lunch we enjoyed wonderful waterfalls Ahvenkoski and walked a special route around them. It was unforgettable! The main place of our trip was the Mountain Park Ruskeala with a grand marble canyon and a nice lake. It’s worth visiting and walking its paths for several hours. We’d like to come back to these places once more! Tired but impressed we returned to our apart-hotel late.

Park Ruskeala
Park Ruskeala

Day 5. (Thursday)

The sun is shining brightly today,it’s a perfect day to have a walk, but it’s high time to come back. After enjoying this day in Nevskiy Prospect we go by metro to take a bus to the airport. Thank you St.Petersburg for our short but enjoyable holidays!💓 I hope we’ll see you again and again.

Pak in center
St. Isaac’s Cathedral

Hope, you adore St.Petersburg like we do. If you’ve never been here, be sure to do it as soon as possible!!!