What’s your Chinese horoscope?

Locate your bith and fin out.



Say cheese! You’re attractive, charming and creative. When you get angry, you can really have sharp teeth!



You’re smart, patient, and as strong as an-well, you know what. Though you’re a leader, you’d never brag.



You may be a nice person, but noone should ever enter your room without asking-you might attack!



Your ambition and talent make you jump at opportunity. You also keep your ears open for gossip.



You’re on fire! Health, energy, honesty,and bravery make you a living legend.



You may not ssspeak often, but you’re very sssmart. You always seem to have a ssstash of cash.



Being happy is your main goal. Everybody knows that you’re a smart and hard worker but your teacher may ‘ride’you for talking too much.



Gentle as a lamb, you’re also artistic, compassionate and wise. You’re often shy.



You’re a clever problemsolver with an excellent memory.



You crow about your adventures, but inside you’re really shy. You’re thoughtful, capable, brave and gifted


(1982,1994,2006, 2018)

You crow about your adventures, but inside you’re really shy. You’re thoughtful, capable, brave and gifted


(1982,1994,2006, 2018)

Often the leader of the pack, you’re loyal and honest. You can also keep a secret.



Even though you’re courageous, honest and kind, you never hog all the attention.

How happy are you?

Do you sing in the bathroom:
How happy are you?
Do you think you are a happy person?
Do this quiz and find out.

  • 1 I cease to enjoy a game when I’m losing badly.
  • 2 I can enjoy a joke when it’s on me.
  • 3 I am pleased when a friend receives praise in my presence.
  • 4 If the person jumps the queue in front of me, I always openly object to it.
  • 5 I get bored easily with hobbies.
  • 6 I daydream often.
  • 7 I wish for many things.
  • 8 I’m overweight.
  • 19 I enjoy reading fiction.
  • 10 I hate to go to bed.
  • 11 I think I’m attractive.
  • 12 I take criticism well.


Give yourself 1 point if you have such answers:

😃 9-12 points: Compared with others, you’re quite a happy person. You seem to maintain a good balance between what you expect out of life and what you actually receive. You’re attractive to others because of your live-and-let-live attitude.

😉 5-8 points: You have your ups and downs but for the most part, you’re moderately happy. There’s no burning desire to change your life. You’d probably have an uplifting effect on someone who is less happy than you, but at the same time, you could benifit if you associated with those happier than yourself.

😐 0-4 points: You could be much happier! Somehow, you’ve developed a perspective on life that is a bit lopsided. Review each of your answers and try to find out a way to change your perspective.

Did you know?

  • Happy people can laugh at themselves because they don’t take themselves too seriously.
    Happy people tend not to wish for many things, because they are usually satisfied with what they have.
    Happy people like ficiton. They can escape from reality and enjoy someone else’s imagination.