From Kazan with love

This September Lessontime visited Kazan. It is thought to be the 3rd capital of Russia (after Moscow and St.Petersburg). You know, this place is really amazing.

To feel history and learn

The first place to visit here is the Kremlin. There is a great number of different museums such as National Art Gallery, Islamic Culture Museum, Natural History Museum of Tatarstan and many others on its territory. It’s for you to choose where to go. Walking here you can enjoy amazing views of one of the most famous mosques named Kul Sharif (you can even come inside) and Annunciation Cathedral. After it don’t forget to go to National Museum as it’s situated not far from this place.

Monument to M. Dzhahil
The city vieew from Kazan Kremlin

To walk and watch

In the evening it’s a good idea to walk along the main street called Baumana Street. It’s like Arbat Street in Moscow. Here you’ll see a monument to a big Kazan Cat,a famous symbol of the city, a copy of the big state coach belonged to Catherine II, a large town clock, a monument to Shalyapin and what not. Go shopping to a famous centre «Koltso» and have coffee in a local cafe.

To have fun

If you travel with children, visit different parks. There are wonderful fountains, monuments, flowerbeds and sculptures there. Be sure to have a ride on a big wheel in the park «Kyrlay» and you’ll enjoy the city view from the birdsight. Buy some tasty ice-cream to your kid! If you like to watch animals and laugh, you can buy a ticket to a local circus.

A big wheel in the park «Karlai»
The Palace of Farmers

To have a meal and feel good

If you are hungry,do not hurry to McDonalds,choose some local cafe or a restaurant with traditional food. You can also buy home-made food in supermarkets «Bahetle». Kazan is famous for various pies with meat, fish, apples, lemon,etc. So you can’t lose your weight! Have you ever tasted chak-chak? No? Then do it!

Graffiti in Baumana st.
Graffiti in Baumana st.

Feel free and relax

Everyone here speaks and understands Russian so you won’t get lost and can feel yourself at home. You also don’t need to change money and worry a lot. There are a lot of maps and information centres where you can get all the necessary information about the city.

Mosque Al — Marjani
Monument to F. Shalyapin

Interesting to know

The city has a good transport system, so you can get on a bus. They are all public (not private!) and all bus stops are provided with electronic timetables. One can go by metro from one place to another. Some people prefer trams. No matter what you choose it will make your trip unforgettable.

Metro station «Kremlevskaya»
Graffiti on the bridge over the river Bulak

P.S. Travel, communicate, meet new people and see interesting places!